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Berlin Bumble Bizz

A stroke of luck through the app for my first subject!


While I was in Berlin this last year for an extended period of time, I met two guys. One was a photographer and the other was in music production, both starting out. We met at a bus stop, they wanted to know about my camera. I was carrying my Mamiya C330 at the time. They were surprised to see I was working in film (As most people have stated through the years). We briefly spoke about the difficulties of finding gigs and what not, one mentioned to me Bumble. "The dating app?" I was surprised to learn that the app had a section for the interest of business and actually thats how they had meet. They went on to say that I would have an easier time meeting people in Berlin since "you're working in film and everyone loves that." Unfortunately for me my time in Berlin was almost up.

After returning back to Miami and trying to adjust from my stay in Berlin for almost three months, 80 days to be exact! It occurred to me to give Bumble a try here in Miami/Ft Lauderdale. I matched with someone who's starting up a health and self improvement couching company. We exchanged texts, phone calls and set a time to meet in the near future.

We took some indoor shots at a cafe followed by a golf course near by for a more green backdrop. With the sunset quickly approaching we decided to meet up again the following week for a few more shots. We met near a running track by my place which I found appropriate for him since he is an avid runner. With the water as the backdrop we took some shots and called it a day.


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